Wednesday, 17 October 2012

A girls, girl.

I'm not a very girly girl. In fact, most girls frustrate me. I don't fuss over hair, make up and other girl things. Coming to Gladstone as made me realise I am more girl than I thought. They don't have a David Jones, Myer, Westfield etc. I am left wondering where do people buy their clothes, make up,  beauty products?? I don't normally buy supermarket beauty products, although I do make the odd exception. I have temperamental skin so I require products which aren't going to dry out my skin further or make me break out in dermatitis.  I have scoured the Earth finding products that suit me and I quick look through the shops here and they are no where to be found. 

I wandered through Kmart, Big W and Target Country, the three shops they do have here and wondered what people do for clothes. Don't get me wrong, I often buy clothes from these stores but it would appear these shops in Gladstone, are about ten years behind the times. Are people happy being outdated, is it so hot they don't wear clothes (i am in favour of this option) or maybe they don't care. I never thought I cared until I came to Gladstone. 

In Canberra we are always complaining, that for a city, it is so behind the times. The stores stock the same clothes, the department stores only stock selected items and everyone shops at the same stores. I will never complain again. I am thankful in this day and age we have the internet where I can online shop to my hearts content. Failing that I will get my family to post me my beloved items.

Last Saturday Husband and I made the long drive from Canberra to Gladstone. Stopping in between of course. We packed a few boxes of household things he needs as well as the two dogs and the cat. The drive wasn't as bad as it sounds. We shared the driving when I wasn't sleeping and the animals were the perfect little angels (for a change). It was my first time going to Gladstone so I was eager to check out my new home. 

We arrived in the afternoon and just in time to go to the beach. We took a bit of drive and I can't help but think this place reminds me of Geraldton, a little town in WA where I spent three years of my life as a child. It's hot (I enjoy hot), I don't have hay fever and well, I'm near a beach so what's not to like!

Husband was worried I wouldn't like it here and was more worried about how I will cope in the heat when I do move up at the end of the year being pregnant and all. So far so good I'd say. 

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Immediately as I chose the title of my blog and hit create post I realise the lack of capital letters in my title. It's small things like this that seem to be consuming me at the moment. You see, I am 13 weeks pregnant and half of my life is in Gladstone QLD and the rest of me is in Canberra ACT, my home town. 

My hubby and I decided earlier in the year we would follow the mining boom and move up north. For us, it was a simple one. Well, to be honest, it all just kind of happened. Husband went to scope everything out and upon return got a phone call requiring him to start work three days later. So we booked a flight and off he went with 20kgs of things to help him get by until we could work out arrangements for the other stuff.

It was exactly a week after his Gladstone debut I realised I was pregnant. Poor timing? Yes. But they say everything happens for a reason. To be completely honest with you, we cannot plan anything to save ourselves so it was never going to happen any other way.  We are ecstatic, scared and wondering what the hell we do with a child but that's all part of the journey. This is my Journey through a move to what seems like another world and the parallel universe of becoming a parent.