Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Immediately as I chose the title of my blog and hit create post I realise the lack of capital letters in my title. It's small things like this that seem to be consuming me at the moment. You see, I am 13 weeks pregnant and half of my life is in Gladstone QLD and the rest of me is in Canberra ACT, my home town. 

My hubby and I decided earlier in the year we would follow the mining boom and move up north. For us, it was a simple one. Well, to be honest, it all just kind of happened. Husband went to scope everything out and upon return got a phone call requiring him to start work three days later. So we booked a flight and off he went with 20kgs of things to help him get by until we could work out arrangements for the other stuff.

It was exactly a week after his Gladstone debut I realised I was pregnant. Poor timing? Yes. But they say everything happens for a reason. To be completely honest with you, we cannot plan anything to save ourselves so it was never going to happen any other way.  We are ecstatic, scared and wondering what the hell we do with a child but that's all part of the journey. This is my Journey through a move to what seems like another world and the parallel universe of becoming a parent.

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