Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Last Saturday Husband and I made the long drive from Canberra to Gladstone. Stopping in between of course. We packed a few boxes of household things he needs as well as the two dogs and the cat. The drive wasn't as bad as it sounds. We shared the driving when I wasn't sleeping and the animals were the perfect little angels (for a change). It was my first time going to Gladstone so I was eager to check out my new home. 

We arrived in the afternoon and just in time to go to the beach. We took a bit of drive and I can't help but think this place reminds me of Geraldton, a little town in WA where I spent three years of my life as a child. It's hot (I enjoy hot), I don't have hay fever and well, I'm near a beach so what's not to like!

Husband was worried I wouldn't like it here and was more worried about how I will cope in the heat when I do move up at the end of the year being pregnant and all. So far so good I'd say. 

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